Thursday, November 27, 2008

My November Pictures!

Oh I am so sweet!
Okay - where are we going this late? Or did I just get home?

Ohhh look at the lights!
Look two babies sleeping, Newman is taking after his sister :)
Okay, so he isn't sleepy anymore. Aedyn is knocked out!
I am really getting bored, are we leaving for chuch yet?
Seriously, I am going to go to sleep!
Um, what are you doing mom?
I am really sleepy, can you get the camera out of my face?
Fine, I am awake now!
Um, not so sure about this baseball outfit mom.
Is it time for me to wake up - it is almost 6AM.
Look how tall I am.....I fit across the width of the bed.
Okay, so I am supposed to sit up in this thing and play?
I think I like leaning over instead.....And look are my toes just the cutest?
Um, are we on this thing again?
I found my thumb again, I think I like my left one better.....
Bright eyed!! And all giggles today.
Okay, where are we going at 6 in the morning?
Why does my finger go in my eye when I use the right? I think I will stick to my left hand.
Daddy is so cummfy to sleep on.
I have the biggest blue-grey eyes still!
My Ana and I are chillin today!

Monday, November 17, 2008

What are we thankful for this year?

We have been asked to give our testimony as to why we are thankful this year. So I thought I would also fill you in.

We will recap last year....

After years of trying to grow our family DH and I turned to Fertility Treatments and went through IVF in April. We carried twins until Aug 24/25, 2007. At just over 20 wks, they came into the world and were with us for such a very short time. Through many months of grieving, we tried again only to find out the week of Thanksgiving last year, that we were not expecting. We scheduled to try again in December, and after quite a bit of anxiety and overwhelming grief for the Christmas Holiday, we cancelled our frozen transfer and decided that we could try on our own with the fertility meds we still had. And on December 30th, when I had all but given up on the idea of being pregnant, I took a home pregnancy test and it was a very very very light positive. I went the next day to confirm with a blood test - we were indeed pregnant.
Our year started out great and in the middle of this great year, we lost 2 beautiful boys, only to end this year on the same great note we started on. Within weeks of the new year, we found out that not only did we have 2 angels, we were expecting 2 babies again. We were overwhelmed with joy and fear.
It was Ash Wednesday - what would I give up this lenten season? God made that choice for me, one of the twins heartbeat had stopped. We would wait and watch over this pregnancy for the next 27 weeks. This was a long journey, but this year we are so thankful for the prayers, the doctors, and the gift that God gave us with Aedyn and 3 Angels to watch over her.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The first week of November

Okay - So it has been a while since we blogged about our days! Sorry, we have been busy :)

Halloween was as fun as halloween can be when you are 10 wks old. Aedyn was a little chili pepper which everyone thought was a strawberry :( she was cute nonetheless! We went to the church and showed her off while she slept and then came home, not much really occured.

Saturday and Sunday went by so fast - it is all a blur....Although Aedyn is an early morning baby, she is up by at least 6 or 7am and having fun on her mat looking at the lights and listening to the music.

This week has been busy with here and there and everywhere.

Be sure to scroll down to the new pictures we posted!

We just love our doodlebug!!!

More pictures!!! Including Halloween

Mommy is so comfy.
I just had a bath.
Angelina - look out you have competition for signature lips.
Ummm, mommy, daddy!
I am so gonna crash on this bouncy.
Hello Everyone!!!
Yes, mommy I am really sleeping!
I am so cute :)
Even cuter :)
Can't get enough of how cute I am?
Yes I look frumpy.
I am sleeping mom!
Geez, can you get that light out of my eyes.
I like my bouncy!!