Friday, October 31, 2008

This weeks pictures

Lounging in my boppy
Okay this is getting boring

Ohh look at all the lights
I really like my play mat.

I am getting too long for my play mat!

I really like my bouncy!

10 Weeks

The week has been quite around here - I am more certain now than ever that Aedyn did not and does not have colic! I stopped breast milk on Friday of last week. And she began to completely settle down with gassy episodes on Sunday. She has not had bad gas since then. She has however now learned that by screaming all night gets mom to bring her to bed and hold her all night.
Well that ended last night - with mommy letting her cry until she fell asleep. I know it sounds really cruel and mean - but I promise you it is not as bad as it sounds. It was 11:18PM when I finally put her in the crib and left her to cry and it was 11:20PM when she was out like a light! If I knew it would only take 2 minutes, I would have done this a long time ago.
She did wake up at 1am for her feeding and than again at 4am.....but when she woke up for no reason at 5am - she got her way back into my bed and slept until 730! She had her breakfast and is now sleeping in the bouncy.
She hit the 10 week mark yesterday - 10 weeks, i cannot believe it has been 10 weeks. She is growing so fast.

Today is our play date with Jake!!! We can't wait to spend the afternoon playing!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Uh Oh - She found her thumb!

Daddy had to go and grab the camera as quick as possible - to catch her red handed!
Seems that she thinks it is quite tasty!

New sensation - it didnt last too long, but now we know she found it.
How long will it take before it is in her mouth all the time?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This weeks pictures.

Why am I in this big ole chair by myself?
Not so much today in the fun category.
Daddy's girl is having a blast in her play mat.
Mommy and Aedyn before bed last night.
Caught mid swing just about to wake up and scream!
This is just so cute, she did this suckin g on the back of her hand in the womb - our 3d pictures caught her doing this all the time.

Mommy and Aedyn chillin on the recliner tonight.
She is so tiny - weighed in yesterday at 9lbs and 3 oz, fully clothed and maybe 9lbs2oz is reasonable.
She was not liking the recliner by herself before chuch today.

Colic or Growth Spurt?

This week has been really long.
Lets start with Monday - i almost dont remember monday. Aedyn was quite the screamer all morning and then again all evening. there was nothing we could do to console her.

Tuesday - marked her 2 months old. We went over to see our friend Liz and watch her son Sean while she went to the dentist. Aedyn was again screaming most of the time. I was able to play with Sean and get him fed while she was out (both Aedyn and Liz) :) However, the rest of the afternoon was still this unconsolable screaming. She would have a little toot and then go right back to screaming.

Wednesday - was so bad, we stayed in the house all day and didnt get anything done. I held her all day.

Thursday - at least the morning was good, but wouldnt you know by 2PM, she was screaming again.

Friday - she seemed to be doing okay, so we headed over to visit with Lori and her little boy Jake who will be 1 month tomorrow! He is a peach and such a handsome little guy. I just want to pinch his cheeks and hug him!! Now he was sleeping most of the time we were there, barely a stir, such a good boy. Aedyn on the other hand, was still having such a rough day. She hollered most of the time we were there. By the time we got home, she had calmed down great and I finally felt like I was able to console her.

Saturday - it started all over again in the evening just after 3PM. We finally gave in and took her to urgent care - where when we left --- I felt so very Peeved. We were basically sent home with well if it is colic, she will grow out of it and you just have to deal with it. So go home and just let her cry in pain. This really really Peeved me. What use is it to take a colicky baby to the doctor if not to at least help get the gas out and relieve the pain a baby is having? Needlesstosay, I am calling our Ped tomorrow and demanding medication. I refuse to have my baby in a state of pain that can simply be managed by medication. If it was just a little gas and the My.lacon and the Little Tum.mys would have taken care of it, I would not be asking for medication. But clearly - neither of them were working, as she was still screaming her head off.

That all being said ---- her nights were perfectly serene and still are.

Now here is the big question - today, no sign of colic, no major screamming session that could not be consoled and she for 3 feedings today she consumed 4 oz each. Was this last week really colic? or just growing pains?

I am still going to get the medication, because it could very well be that since she was in the car most of the day running around with us - the gas was easily expelled. But it could also be just a fluke that we had a good day.

I am curious to see how this week progresses. She has a chiro appt in the morning, i am hoping this will maybe eleviate some of the gas pains and extreme screaming episodes.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Madness

Why am I here again?
Oh okay - I get to play!
Well this looks like fun.
Um, I am not so sure about this right now!
everything is moving!
Not sure I want to be down here anymore mom! my tummy hurts!
Today was not madness until gas set in.

We had a great nights sleep - Aedyn is getting about 3 oz now - she is a growing little girl!
Morning was good, got dressed, got fed and was getting ready for an outting to visit Dr Storng and Nurse Sue for a quick photo --- that is until gas set in.
Aedyn's little tummy was so gassy and she was so unhappy from about 9AM until just after 130PM - a few mins of peace and then screaming. The pictures are from her moments of peace this morning - isnt she so cute in her purple outfit. Little did I know this would be a purple crying day.
There was nothing I could do to sooth her. We finally got it out and fell asleep for a nap and when daddy got home just after 230PM - we were up again screaming in daddy's ear.
She has finally settled down after her bath and has been sleeping now for just over 2 hours.

Ready for Chuch & Zetty's birthday lunch

Why am I sitting her by myself?
Mom - what are you doing?
Oh - I am supposed to smile for pictures.
Is this good?
Not sure I like you moving around mom.
I dont want to smile anymore!
Okay maybe one more time.

Now this is lounging!
Are we ready to go yet?
Aedyn was such a good girl at chruch today! After church we went with Miss Carol and Zetty for a birthday lunch for Zetty at Macayos. It was quite yummy and Aedyn slept the entire lunch.

Still tuckered out after a long day!
Daddy is just so comfy.
And yes, I am smiling a little coz I know you are taking pictures :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some recent pictures of me!

I love to sleep on daddy's chest.
hum this looks like fun.
aren't i cute in my pink overalls?
so this is getting boring!
i think i am done here!
the real sun is in my eyes.
i am getting tired.
okay why am i in this seat?
we must be going somewhere fun??
oh i get to go see daddy!

what i am going to get shots!!!!!!!!
i am gonna crash after getting those shots.
my shot #1
my shot #2
am i here again?

really not happy!

not so happy after shots today.

okay mom what are you doing?


what is going on over there?

not sure i like this car seat.

not so sure i want to be playing now!!!!

oh maybe - that sun is cool.

maybe not so cool.

um, i think i want to kick instead.