Monday, September 29, 2008

Upset Tummies

Oh my little one had an upset tummy most of the night, now that she is asleep, I stay awake waiting for her next feeding.....which should be very soon. Then I will go off to sleep for at least 2 hours.

Tomorrow is a sports and family day for the airmen at after I have my dentist clean my teeth, Aedyn and I will go join daddy at the Park on the base and spend the afternoon ..... or at least an hour or two and have some lunch.

Then it will be off to the commissary for groceries and home to cook dinner.

She has quite the day planned for her - lots of adventure and errands to run.

Aedyn is getting so long and lengthy, but she is still not eating much more than 2 oz per feeding. Her 2 month appointment will be on Oct 16th - it seems so far off to see how much she has gained and how much taller she is. Although, if she doesnt start to eat a little more in the next week, we might have to see the peditrician a little sooner than we planned to make sure everything is indeed okay.

Night night all.....I am off to wake her up to feed her, it has been far too long since she ate last.

Our first day with Daddy at work

Today was our first day with Daddy at was a long day to say the least.

It all started with mommy letting daddy try to sleep throughout the night. Mommy was a trooper though, getting up all by herself to do the feedings and diaper changes.....not bad, except Aedyn wanted to stay up and play for an hour after she ate! So we feel asleep in the recliner in the living room the first time, then feel asleep in the glider in her room the second time.
Well at the 530 feeding, mommy decided this is enough......we went back to mommy's bed to go to sleep since daddy was getting up at 600 anyway.
And WOW we slept until 900! It was great - Aedyn got fed and cried the entire time mommy was taking a shower. She spent most of the day awake......but didnt really start the hollering until about 330 and by 445 she had finally pooped after 2 days. It was not the soft purred pea's I was expecting, infact it was a lot thicker and an off dark mustard color. So we are on the lookout for signs of constipation.

She is doing great now.....that she is hanging out with her daddy.

On another note --- AF (Aunt Flo - for those who are not hip to infertility acryonyms) has shown up.........and I ask - Are you kidding me??? 5wks 4days ---- I thought that breastfeeding was supposed to make her unpredictable! Not even one sign that she was coming, I woke up and here she was!!!

We are still waiting for the Dom.peridone to see if it will help with the lactation.

Aedyn and mommy are going to go see our newest buddy Jacob on Friday, he was born on Saturday 8lbs 10oz at 4PM. We can hardly wait to meet this little guy, as he was also quite the miracle.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dedication to God

Today was Aedyn's dedication to God. We choose this to allow her to learn and choose when she is ready for baptisim in the future years.
She was a very good girl today at church!
Aedyn really likes laying down with daddy!
She just can't get enough of hanging out with her daddy.
The superstar posing with her boppy!
Even if she is sleeping, she is still just so darn cute!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time Flys by so quickly

Time is flying by!

I will start where we left off, humpday.

She was a good little girl all day until her tummy was upset most of the night and finally just after 11pm, she was out like a light!

Thursday was a quite day with very little activity or uproars around the house. No big adventures for the little one, however, 3 very lovely diapers :) need i say more?

Friday was a fun filled day from early in the morning - Aedyn finally got to meet Dr Strong and Nurse Sue! But mommy forgot the camera - so we are scheduled for another visit on Oct 20, when they are both in the office again for pictures, this would mark her 2 month birthday :)
We also headed to the base so daddy's boss could meet the little one, yes the friday before he goes back to work!

In addition, I have this new prescription for domperidone the alternative to reg.lan for breastmilk production and wouldn't you know it is a specialty drug that can only be filled in a few select places and is not covered by i ordered it from New Zeland! Yes NZ.
Lets hope this helps - it is my last ditch effort.

On a side note, mommy will be staying home with Aedyn!!!!! Yes - this is a wonderful thing and we are looking forward to being home with her for all of her firsts.
her first roll over
her first crawl
her first steps
her first chase of the cats
her first words

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice Big Presents

So our little one is having some fussiness at the same time each night, just before she goes to sleep for the majority of the night. We can't complain, this is really the only major crying time.

Well last night was a little longer than normal and when we finally got her to sleep.....i did one last check on her before I fell asleep and her room had an awful smell ---- well we got a nice big present in her diaper and she was just as happy as a clam - she didnt even cry. luckily she was not in that poopy diaper for more than 5 mins.

I really wanted to grab the camera and take a picture but daddy did not approve......just wanted it cleaned up and tossed out as quickly as possible.

I kid you not, this looked just like pureed pea's!

She slept 4 full hours after that - it was nice sleep for us.

Today marks Chiropractic Adjustment #3 - she felt this one - as she let out a whale of a cry and within a minute she was conent and ready to eat!

She is still only eating about 1.5 -2 oz per feeding - which i am starting to get a little concerned with, but she is still putting on weight, so I will wait and see if this increases as the wks continue.

She is getting to be very lengthy and filling out so nicely. She is not as little as she was when we brought her home.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Fun

Well we didnt do very well last night with the upset tummy category. Aedyn was up past midnight with a very upset tummy. She finally calmed down after several hours of crying and passing gas. We were both so tired and mommy had such a head ache from earlier, we ended up putting her on mommy's chest to let her calm down and fall asleep. She finally got into a good deep sleep and we moved her into her crib just about 1AM. She did great with getting up at 330ish to eat and then she was right back out and we didnt hear a peep from her until 630. I then brought her to our bed to relax a little longer until 7ish for breakfast. She was again out like a light after breakfast.

mommy and daddy were still so tired, she slept with us until just before our first day at chuch was a bust and will be next sunday when we do her dedication. That is okay, today's service was going to be in the park and it was a little toasty outside yet.

We did however, take a trip over to a friends house for Maddox's 4th birthday party. Again, Aedyn was a perfect sleepy girl the entire time we were there.

When we got home, it was bath time again! She was not very happy but she did get nice and clean. No pee or poo adventures to speak of yet. Dinner was easy and fast, she ate the entire 2 oz and off to lala land again.

I pray that she doesnt get to much of an upset tummy tonight and that she can rest peacefully.

One more week until Daddy has to go back to work. I am a little worried about having her to myself all day with no help. I am sure the anxiety will pass and everything will be fine, but I really depend on him. But I have a lot of wonderful friends to call if I need answers to any questions.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chiropractic Adjustment #2

Friday's chiro adjustment went very well......she tooted so everyone knew she was good with it. It was so cute.

She was a little fussy last night, but just really wanted to be held. She had quite the exciting day. From the adjustment to the running around the base. We did a walk through tour in the Child Development Center (the daycare) we are on the waiting list for. Hopefully we get our slot just before mommy has to go back to work. It is a very impressive day care facility. Then we stopped by the hospital to drop off mom's refill request and the over to the BX for a CD player for Aedyn's room. The rest of the day was spent at home for some relaxation. That is were the little fussy kicked in. It didn't last long at all, maybe about an hour and once she was out, she was out!
She is a wonderful little sleeper each night, with 2 - 3 feedings. We are indeed very blessed to be able to have this little girl and get some sleep in between.

The breast milk is not increase in supply and at this point neither is the demand. She is now over 4 wks and still only having 1.5 - 2 oz per feeding every 3ish hours. She is filling out though, so I am not quite worried yet.

Today was a nice busy day also. We all slept in until almost 7 :) But then we were off and going, hanging out around the house most of the day. We stopped by some friends house that was having a birthday party for their 3 year old and their 1 year old twins. It was good fun and Aedyn was a sleeping beauty the whole time. We are home now and she is at her fussy time. So we pray for a good nights sleep again.

Have a great weekend all! We are going to try to venture to chuch tomorrow with her - we'll update on this adventure!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

4 Weeks Old Today!

Today I am exactly 4 wks old!

Well lets start with where we left off the other day....

Monday I only really posted some pictures.

So on Monday - we really did not do very much at all, just some wonderful bonding time with Aedyn. This was the first night we decided to end the "swaddling." It was a very difficult evening getting her to sleep with out waking up ever time she felt her own face or pulled her own hair with those tiny hands. We all had a rough time that night, but finally she was asleep and all in the world was okay.
We did end up going to Bab.ies R.Us to purchase a new car seat. The one we have is not very nice to her little legs - they keep leaving deep indentations on her inner thighs and every time she was put in it, she would scream almost the entire time she was in it. She loves the new one! Not a peep when she gets in - unless she is already fussy.

Tuesday - no more swaddle day 1 - went well. Aedyn had her first Chiropractic adjustment.....let me give some back ground, before everyone freaks out about why an infant is getting adjusted.

Aedyn's birth as you all know was quite traumatic - with the pushing for 2 hours and the extra pushing that occured for 2 more hours and then the pushing back through the birth canal and the pulling out of the uterus, we felt that she might have a few little sublaxations with her very tiny and fragile spine. Not to mention she had become quite fussy and was having a very hard time with passing gas. Almost after every feeding she would cry and scream for an hour and when she could get that tiny gas bubble to toot, she could finally fall asleep.

Well she got her adjustment and for the 1/2 that followed, we breast fed her for 30 mins, and after ever suck she would toot! It was an amazing smelly 1/2. But she wasnt fussy at all after her feeding, she was not satisfied, so we gave her some formula afterwards and again no fussiness......we were so pleased and so happy that she was feeling good............

We thought to adventure to the commissary for groceries! Woo Hoo - adventure was successful, a happy baby the entire time. We were even able to exchange an item on the way home from Bab.ies R.Us.

Subsequently we also decided to try the Sim.alac Soy formula to supplement starting that night. And wow was that wonderful, the formula stinks but she was still not fussy. So we are thing this combination of the adjustment and the formula exchange has done the trick thus far.

Wednesday - Aedyn went over to visit with Sean Michael, mommy's friend Liz's son. Well, okay, mommy went to visit with Liz. Aedyn was such a great little girl, she never even got fussy!
Even after this 6 hour outting, when we got home she wasnt even fussy.

This was to mark the first official day she spent the night in her own bed. It really broke mommy's heart, but since daddy goes back to work in about a week, it had to happen. She did wonderfully!!! She woke up 2 times in the night for a diaper change and her feeding - a good 30 mins on the breast and then 2 oz of soy formula and she was out for the count again.

Thursday ---- Her 4 wk birthday :)
Not much really in the morning, we got to a slow start. Finally got out of the house just afternoon and ran to the store, stopped by mommy's office and then off to the herbal store in for a new supplement to help bring in mommy's breast milk. (it tastes awful) but hopefully it will help to bring in more milk. Aedyn was doing such a great job with our outting, we pushed our luck and had dinner out.....she slept through the whole thing! As soon as we got home - it was time for a diaper change again and her feeding. she has been such a great little girl with outtings in her new car seat!

Well she ended her day with a great wonderful present in her diaper!!! before her nighty nighty. It was a perfect way to end a great day.

She has another adjustment in the morning. Lets hope she does just as great as the other day and this reign of no fussiness continues!

We'll be stopping by also tomorrow to pick up the pictures - and over the weekend will scan them in, post some that have not been posted, and put the announcements in the mail....yes a whole month after she was born (they are late and mommy is not happy but that is life).

Our weekend is packed with fun things to do! A Birthday Fiesta on Saturday and a Birthday Swim party on Sunday.

Aedyn will also have her Dedication at chuch on the 28th of Sept - Chaplain Kittle will perform this during the Sunday Service.
Ch. Kittle also did Andrew's dedication in the hospital last year before he passed away. He also did a special dedication for Ethan, although he had already become an Angel.

Well that concludes the last 4 days. She is still swaddle free, tooting up a storm, and giving us lots of smiles.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just pictures of me!

She sleeps so well in Daddy's arms.
She loves to cuddle up in her little bed in mommy and daddy's bed!
Aedyn is just so cute!
Oh look, I have hair?
Oh this swing is so peaceful :)
I have Grandma Le's cheeks.
It is so peaceful to sleep swaddled up.
Chillin in my boppy with Snoopy and Linus.
Oh what a long day today was!
Cuddling up with Mommy is such a sleepy job.

Inaugural Bath

Aedyn finally had a real bath! In her own baby bath tub.......mommy wasnt sure how to give a baby this small a bath, so we asked Dar, our wounderful neighbor to come and show us.

She did very well, just a few yelps and fussiness. No pee or poo in the bath tub! And the diaper got on without incident during the drying.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well it seems that breastfeeding is not as easy for me as one would think. Although women all over the world do a great job with this task, I on the other hand have an issue with producing enough milk.

So Friday I started taking Reg.lan to help with the increase of milk. Well after 2 whole days, I was overwhelmed with feeling out of my skin - really. Not to mention the increased feeling of depression and anxiety.
so, no more for me.

oh yes it also gave me incredible gas ---- and little doodlebug has been tootin away and has had horrible gas again no more meds.

we will live with the milk supply that the Good Lord gave me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aedyn with Grandparents

Grandma & Grandpa Harms - and their little Aedyn.

Aedyn with Grandma Le, John, mommy & daddy.

Don't forget to check out the poll? Who does Aedyn look more like - mommy, daddy, or our family members?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today was my original due date!

Yes, today was supposed to be the day I made my grand apperance, as you all know I was a bit impatient and came 16 days early!

I have had quite the exciting day - our friend Jenn A and Kenzie came over to visit me and brought me all kinds of fun stuff to play with! Thank you Jenn and Kenzie....and Ranie and Zane for sharing all your toys!

Grandma Le and Papa John are here now too!

I was quite warn out with all the excitement around the house and decided that I wanted to stay up but alas fell asleep on my mommy for about an hour, and when she moved me, I decided it was time to wake up again.

I will probably sleep very well tonight!

Hugs and Kisses!!! Aedyn

Friday, September 5, 2008

Aedyn's First Homecoming Present.

Aedyn's first homecoming present was from her cyber auntie Josee.

Yes it took me a few days to get this posted, we wanted the mini roses to bloom before taking the picture. We decided to plant it in the back yard so we could see them grow and bloom just like our little Doodlebug. The have bloomed beautifully in the few days they have been planted.

Thank you Josee for Aedyn's mini-roses! They are beautiful ~ we expect they will continue to grow and bloom nicely every year.

Oh and yes, you know we have to post a few more pictures of our little Doodlebug - she in growing so quickly!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 Weeks Old Today!!!

Today Aedyn is 2 weeks old :)

Her appointment went well - she is now 19 inches and 6 lbs and 14 ounces! Woo Hoo, she is growing like a weed.

She was such a good girl today - they did the 2nd PKU test today and had to prick her heal twice! This did not make me very happy.

She took her first grocery store adventure and was a perfectly sleeping little girl until her diaper was wet, thank goodness we were all done and checked out and headed back to the car.

I have found that the front seat is a great place to change her diaper - she had a little poopy one this morning before we got to her well baby check up so when we were getting gas, I got the first one changed. Then after the grocery store adventure we got the wet diaper changed.

I think she is beginning to like the car seat and the car rides. We are learning that as long as we put a fresh diaper on before the ride, she is a happy little girl.....and that makes for a happy mommy and daddy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Explosive Diaper

Yes, you heard it here first! Last night was the first explosive diaper - it was awful! My poor little Aedyn was so unhappy - it was everywhere, up the back, in the car seat, all over the clothes, and even all over her little arms and legs.

A monumental moment, I would love to never see again.

On to another subject:

Grandma and Grandpa H are on their way home now. We loved having them here to see their son's first child come into the world and we loved the help they provided us while they were here. They will be missed, but we'll see them again soon. It is hard with them living over 1500 miles away to have frequent visits, so we make our visits as long as we can and really enjoy every minute we can.

Gma and Gpa H took some picutres also of Aedyn, we thought we'd share those also - they are so precious!

Grandma Le will be here on Saturday to see her first grand daughter. I would say grand child, however, Ethan and Andrew were her first grand children. She was able to be here for Andrew's birth, as Ethan came too quickly for anyone to be with me. They are so missed.
Okay so our little girl is crying away right now, so more to come tomorrow after her 2 wk check up.