Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost One Week Old

Wow - I just realized that I post our birth story just the day after the c-section, time flys. I would have posted more, but we had the in-laws take the computer home so that we could focus all of our attention on her and rest. We both knew that if the computer was there, we would want to check email and off it went back to the house.

We have been home since Monday evening, about 5:00pm. I have found very little time to get on the computer, so I am taking this evening to hop on and do a quick update on her progress.

Yesterday we went to her baby peds appt - it was supposed to be done at day 3, however, since we were still at the hospital, we couldnt make that happen. Yesterday was good enough - day 5 :)

She weighed 6lbs 5oz, so she lost a whopping 3 oz! My girl can eat that is for sure.

She was at the 18 and 3/4 inches - she grew almost an entire inch in 5 days!

I am still recoving from the c-section - it is harder than i thought to be so dependant on DH to help me with even the simplest things, like bending down to dry my legs after a shower. WOW!

I have to say I have the best husband a woman could ever ask for.

Well I am back to bed for sleep, as Aedyn will probably be up in about an hour and a half for her feeding.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Aedyn's Birth Story

Okay here it is, i know you are all anxious to know what went down and why it has taken me so long to post.

We start with amnio day Aug 19th.
got to the clinic for the amnio, it was a no go, it seems her fluid had decreased by more than half in 4 days. my MFM sent us straight to the hospital to begin the induction.
we got there at 1:30 in the afternoon, induction began at 330 with Cervidal for 12 hours.
At 330am Aug 20, i was now dialated 2 cm, i got one hour off of meds and monitors.
At 430am Aug 20, we began the pitocin drip.
at 1130am Aug 20, my water broke on its own!! Yeah and right when the MFM came in to check our progress.
by this time, i was talked into an epidural - as they were quite sure the induction and contractions would be at least two days.
at 6pm, we were 6cm dialated.
by 8pm, we were ready to push and were fully dialated.
by 10pm, we figure out that she was stuck in the birth canal and was not budging another mm!
someone else was already in the OR, so we had to wait......
we then found out that the epidural fell out between 8pm and wonder i thought i was going to die!!!
they couldnt put it back in because my anastesiologist (sp) was in the i begged for some dilauted and they obliged me because this drug doesnt last long.
at 1157 i entered the OR and again was in full blown labor.
instead of an epi i was given a spinal --- while laying on my side, because i could not sit up. they did a great job, because i have had no back issues at all.
she was offically out at 1215......

DH came in just as they were trying to get her out.....he walked in on the MFM standing on over me straddled from above while the nurse was pushing Aedyn's head back out of the birth canal and the MFM was trying to pull her out with the least amount of strain. Again I was completely out!!!

I didnt even know she was out until i tried to open my eyes to see DH and heard this very very loud yell! she has defintely got a great pair of lungs on her.

Well she is finally here!!!

She has spent her first days in the nicu due to very low blood sugar, but we expected this due to my diabetes - she is doing well and hope to have her back with me by Saturday. DH spends all night with her and we spend as much time as we can without over stimulating her during the day.

She is 6lbs, 8oz, 18 inches long and has a head full of hair.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Okay - my birthday is supposed to be in 3 days! i will be 37w4d gestation - a little early, but well worth the wait!

Mommy and Daddy have some things they still need to get done.
Grandma and Grandpa Harms will be here tomorrow from Iowa!

These next 3 days will go by quickly but they will seem to drag, that is for sure.

I will try to stay put until wednesday :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Okay - now I have been tagged by Cyber Auntie Josee!

The Rules:
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6 Random Things About Me(Mom):

1) Although, I am an accountant, I do have a creative side. I used to write poems and actually have quite a few published. I have often thought of putting together an entire book to see if it could be published. As much as I would love to spend the time to gather them all up, type them all up, and send them all off......I am not really sure people would want to read my crazy ramblings in poetic form.

2) Make-up is a special occasion. I do not wear make-up on a daily basis, infact, I probably wear make-up twice a year, at my Christmas Party and DH's Christmas Party. I think I have actually put it on for our family photo. Last year, our Christmas Party was on the same day, so I got out of wearing it twice.

3) I love to cook. In fact, I love to cook in very large quantities! We had one summer where Dh's family and us meet up in MO and I insisted I cook :) well there was 9 of us, and everyone ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together the 5 full days we were there. It was so much fun, we tried to get together again this summer in CO, but that fell through, with the prices of gas and a "high" risk pregnancy, we decided to try again another year.

4) I have owned 14 vehicles in 20 years of driving. My first owned car was a Mit.subishi Starion.....I was driving home one night and all the sudden we started to coast, there was plenty of gas. We pulled the car over and opened the hood and the engine was glowing a cherry red color. That was she wrote on that car.

5) I love to sing, in the car, in the shower, in the praise team at chuch. I love to sing. However, right now, I can barely breath and my pitch is well......lets just say MIA. It all stated in Junior high, when I had to leave my saxaphone behind because my braces were cutting my cheeks and lips. So I moved over to Choir. Maybe one day, I will post a recording of me singing Aedyn a lullaby.

6) I am not the typical persona of an accountant - I have 4 tatoos on my right leg, one on my left leg and one on my left breast. I have my right ear pierced at the very top and two times in the lobe, my left ear well just once. I have my right eyebrow pierced as well. Although I do not wear piercings anymore, they are all still there and all still open.

Tag, you're it!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6 Pounds!

Okay here it is! Mom was way off - my estimated weight is 6 Lbs on the nose, the circumference of my head is 31cm.....which is 5.5 inches in diameter....which is 1.5 inches larger than 10cm's dialted :) I am 36w3d today and measure 35w5d -- so we are still on track.

Not much else for news! I am just waiting around in here to meet everyone next week.

I have not quite decided weather I will pick my birthday or allow 20th to be my birthday :) I'll make it a surprise.

Monday, August 11, 2008

9 Days to go and dad had quite the scare last night - with 10 days to go, mommy was having quite a number of contractions!!! within 2 hours they were down to 5 mins apart :) I considered breaking out and screaming to the world "I am here!"
Well that didn't happen - she took the 17P shot and headed off to the hospital as instructed by the on-call nurse.
The hospital was more concerned about mommy's very very swollen feet and legs than they were about anything else. The hooked her up withe contraction monitor and the fetal heart monitor, made her pee, and give blood. Everything came back okay - and since the contractions had started to subside because of the shot, they sent us home! They didn't even check to see if mommy was dialeted or anything.
Today has been full of contractions - they are pretty far apart, but I am having a great time in here getting squeezed! so of course I have to kick and let her know ...... that really isnt that fun in here!

Well, tomorrow is my final growth scan, I am really curious about how much I already weigh.....
I am thinking maybe just over 5 lbs :) I will let you know as soon as I can.

Grandma and Grandpa Harms will be here next monday!!!!
And just as they head back home, Grandma Le will be here.

the house is going to be full that is for sure..............and all for little ole me :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

10 Days to go and counting

Well this weekend has been very fun and active.

Mommy and Daddy never did take me to the Braves vs Diamondbacks game on the time they were done with the Bundles for babies class and the appt, mom was wiped out. After all I did keep her up from 2 to 5 in the morning :) mostly kicking.

She and I took a really nice 3 hour nap and then i again started with the kicking and thought it would be fun to kick between contractions....nothing steady though.

Saturday mom and dad had some lunch (hotwings)....i like spicy food. And then packed up Christmas presents for the family. With me on the way, they wont have much time to get this done. Mom decided to sit on the bean bag to wrap them all, and when she was done, I made it quite difficult for her to get up from the floor.....if you could have seen it, you would be laughing so hard you'd pee your pants.

The rest of the night was quite, more kicking.......I really want out of here, it is getting a little cramped! But I still have 10 days to go.

Mom gets her last hydroxyprogesterone caporate (P17) shot tonight, and the contractions will slow down again for a few days ---- oh well, i guess we can't all have our way.

I get my final growth scan on we will have a pretty good idea about how big I have gotten and how much I weigh. I will let you know then.

Oh of mom's friends from work ordered me a personalized blankie and we found a really cool picture of it on ebay has my name on it!!! Isn't it cool.........Thanks Andrea goes perfectly in my Snoopy Diaper bag from Josee M....... both of which are coming with us to the hospital next week.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aedyn's presents from family and friends

From our wonderful friend MamaSoon! my diaper bag is full of stuff already and is going to the hospital with mommy and daddy!!! I hope they packed everything I will need for my short stay there.
From friends and co-workers! there was a lot more clothes, but daddy already put them in the wash!

Ohhh, this chocolate cake tasted great!!!
From our family, church family, and friends! there was so many gifts - thank you!!!
a little baby shower game - although mommy only got one right, i won all the prizes :)
my first official piggy bank :) Thank you Carol!!!!!
this is my crib and my giraffe that mom won at an auction.....i think it might be a little too big to be hanging out with me in bed for a few years.

mom and day really like the snoopy theme so they put up little stars and wall stickers all around.

even snoopy is dancing over my closet doors.....if you could only see all the clothes I have in there already. I think I have more than mom and dad combined!
Thank you all my friends and family!!!! For the wonderful gifts!
I wish that we could give a detailed list, but it is just too long....
I got boppy's, cart covers, a cool frog pod, a baby einsteins play mat, a exersaucer bouncer, home made quilt and croched blankies, even some home made sleepers. I also got a couple of car sun shade to protect me in this AZ heat, and the list goes on!
Mom and dad used the gift cards to buy a pack-n-play, a baby gate, a monitor with movement sensor, a front/back carrier, a bath tub stool, a diaper rack, and some other small items.
So far, I think they are ready for me to come.
15 more days to go!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Countdown - 17 days to go

17 days to go until I should be arriving. I am sure mommy will not update my blog everyday - my life isnt that exciting yet!

Yesterday moms friends gave me a shower - I got lots of gifts from wonderful people! She has promised to post pictures tomorrow of the gifts and the cake. Since it is not very nice to post picture of friends without them knowing.....she will crop everyone out - as to ensure no one gets upset.

Time has seemed to slow down a little today.

I wanted to bust out when she kept walking around the commissary, but instead i pushed really hard on her bladder and made her pee. I dont think mom was very happy having to run to the potty :)

And the line was so long, that I convienced the uterus to practice with me for the day I break out of here. Mommy had a great time breathing, hee hee hooo, hee hee hooo.....i fell asleep as soon as she sat down in the car, I think she did too.

Thank you to all the friends and family that brought me presents! I cant wait to use them all!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing - I can't wait to meet everyone!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My arrival is soon!

This post is being written by my mom.
Many of my posts will be written by mom or dad.

Today is August 2nd and my anticipated birthday is August 20th.

My mom and dad are quite excited and counting down the days until I am here.

I already have some wonderful friends and family who are looking forward to meeting me. They have given me presents, all of which are wonderful and will be very useful as I grow.

My grandparents will be here with mom and dad for the first few weeks.

The next 18 days are going to be very busy for mom and dad. They still need to pick a few items up and make sure all the hospital bags are ready to go, as well as get the house ready for lots of company.

I am growing everyday and of course I get a few good kicks in everyday to remind mom that I will be here soon. Plus, she is running out of room in here for me!

I can't wait to meet you all.

Keep up with my blog, mom and dad will be posting on here as often as they can with new pictures, little movie clips, and the new things I am learning.